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London removal companies and how JamVans is different

Our specialist removal vehicles Moving in London is a bit different to moving within the rest of the UK. Yes the concept is the same, however there are few different factors that must be taken into consideration. Firstly, parking. Many streets are narrow, have restrictions or have hugely expensive parking suspensions that are required. Traditional

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London removal company

Need a London removal company? South East property prices buck the trend

What is so different about London? Although on average property prices across the UK have risen by 20%, this is not the case for all parts of the UK. Parts of Ireland have seen house prices fall by 40%. Whereas in London house prices have risen by over 65% in the same period. This would make […]

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Bigger Bounce charity event at the Roundhouse in Camden

A Bigger Bounce is a bi-annual event organised by Breast Cancer now. In it’s inaugural year in 2013 £850,000 was raised with £1million being raised in 2015. With the event being held in one our moving hotspots in Camden, London, we are always there to lend a hand. Breast cancer is one of the most […]

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