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Downsizing your London property

How to Downsize your Property

You are probably very excited about downsizing your property and moving to the right home for the next stage in your life, but it can be hard work and it helps to be prepared. Try to move while you are still fit and healthy and can make new friends if moving to a new area. […]

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Moving with Children

Why is moving house stressful for a child? Children tend to worry about different things from adults.  The children won’t be thinking of the practicalities of managing the house move or the expense, they are going to worried about leaving their friends, their school, their safe, familiar environment and starting new schools and not having [&hell

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downsizing your London property

Should you consider downsizing your London property?

Many people decide to downsize because their current home is too big for their requirements, but there are many other reasons to downsize including:- Maintaining, repairing, cleaning and the costs of your home are too onerous Moving into retirement homes To fund long term care To free up equity to invest in something else Provide […]

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