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The Advantages of Relocating your Office

Set out the reasons that have instigated your plan to relocate. Be clear about the positive reasons to move your business ai??i?? more space, closer to customers or business partners, a source of skilled or specialised workers, cheaper property costs.Ai?? Also consider the potential risks such as relocation costs, the loss of key employees who [&he

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Moving house with children

When is the best time to move home with children?

If you have school age children you could consider moving house during the school holidays.Ai?? This may mean you have more time to plan and organise your move, but also means you have longer to keep the children occupied on move day. Some removal companies (not JamVans!) also charge more to move in the holidays […]

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parking for removals in London

Removal Parking in London

You may think that removal vans can use nearby loading bays or single yellow lines for parking, but they are only available for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the borough and may also not be near your property, resulting in a much longer load time. Do not fret ai??i?? there are ways around this! […]

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