When is the best time to move home with children?

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Moving house with children

There are a number of different options of when is best to move house with children. Here are some ideas to consider when planning your London house move.

If you have school age children you could consider moving house during the school holidays. This may mean you have more time to plan and organise your move, but also means you have longer to keep the children occupied on move day. Some removal companies (not JamVans!) also charge more to move in the holidays as it’s a popular time.

If you are moving during the school holidays consider signing the children up for a holiday or sports camp to keep them occupied during move day. If you have helpful relations see if they can keep the children happy and busy while you are occupied on moving day.

Bank holidays are also a popular time to move as means you can move without taking time off work, however most removal companies will charge extra as they have to pay their team to work over a bank holiday. But the extra day gives you more time to spend with your children helping them settle in to their new home.

If they are at school then most of the work can be done before the school day is finished and they can either join you in your new home or be collected from school by a relative and picked up later or the next day.

Preparing to move with Children

In the lead up to the move, to help your child feel part of the moving process, you can get them to help pack all their belongings and decide what items they need to keep out and handy (school uniform, football kits, favourite toys etc. Depending on the age of the children they can take responsibility for what is kept and packed and what is given away. They can label their boxes own boxes with what is inside and where it is to go in the new house.

Talk to your children about what to expect on move day and what will happen. Give your children specific jobs to do (depending on their age of course!).

Pack some bags of essential items for you and the children – spare clothes, school uniform (if they are going to school the next day), a favourite toy, comforters, dummies, nappies, milk powders, pyjamas.

Get an early night the day before the move – you’re all going to need a good night’s sleep!!

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