Complaints Policy

At JamVans we take any complaint seriously no matter how big or small.  We view any complaint as an opportunity to improve our service as well as the opportunity to correct any issues that a client may have.  Any complaints can from a vital part of the service that JamVans provides as it demonstrated a dedication to the commitment of providing the best possible service.  If one client has a particular issue, there is a good possibility that others may have had the same issue and rather than complaining they may have ‘voted with their feet’ choosing not to us the JamVans’ services again or recommending JamVans to others.


Why our complaints procedure is important to JamVans:

What does JamVans define as a complaint?

Complaints can come in various forms.  Most complaints involve a client contact JamVans to directly let us know that they have dissatisfaction at the service they have received, however often a complaint can appear in a much subtler way.  For example, a client may briefly mention an issue to employee carrying out the service or to an office administrator.  Although less obvious complaints may not involve the client clearly stating their dissatisfaction, they are still areas that could be improved within the business.



Any complaint is to be handled sensitively, informing only those who need to know and following the relevant data protection procedures.


JamVans Complaints Procedure

Written complaints either send via email to or via post to Unit 25 Boxted Farm, Berkhamsted Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 2SG.  Verbal complaints can be made in person to any JamVans representative or over the phone on the following numbers, 0208 166 1665 and 01442 212 919.


Step 1

Any complaint need to be recorded and this can be carried out in several ways.  Firstly, the client can be sent a complaint from via email.   The complaints form can be found under the title ‘Customer Complaint Form’ as it to be emailed or posted to the recipient. Once the form is received back, the details are to be logged under their contact history on their client ID on MoveMan.

If a client sends an email with the complaints, the details are required to be logged under their contact history on their client ID on MoveMan.  It is important to reference the date and time that the email was sent so that this can be found easily when resolving the complaint.

If the client makes a complaint over the phone, they are to be offered the opportunity to email the complaint in writing or complete a customer complaint form.  If they are happy to only verbally complain, the full details of the complaint are to be listed under their contact history on their Client ID on MoveMan.

Telephone complaints will also receive a written response confirming details of the conversation – request that the customer complains in writing.

If the complaint is initially notified to the removal crew, it must be noted on the job sheet.  The foreman and customer must both sign the sheet and the foreman must then report the complaint to the office without delay.


Step 2

Once the complaint has been made by the client it is important the complaint is investigated properly and promptly.  The complaint is to be passed to a manager who then has three working days to come back to the client with the initial stages of a resolution to the complaint.

Within the three working days the manager is to fully investigate the complaint, speaking to all parties involved to get a clearer picture of the complaint.

Justin Yates will monitor the complaint log to ensure that all complaints have been responded to within the specified time and resolved without delay


Step 3

Once the complaint has been thoroughly investigated by a manager the potential resolution can be put in place for the client.  If the investigation does not take less than 3 days, then it is good practice to get back to the client sooner as this may ease their anxieties.  If more time is needed to carry out an investigation, then it is important to inform the client either over the phone or via email.

A formal written outcome of the investigation must be issued the customer within 15 days of receiving the complaint.


You can download a complaint form here – Customer-Complaint-Form